For pilots is the easiest way to quickly get PPR requests approved for an airfield. We are currently in the beta phase and are partnering with Snowdonia Aerospace LLP to provide their PPR service for Llanbedr airfield (EGFD) and you can get PPR here.

How it works

You fill in our PPR request form here. After selecting the date and time you want to land, click the “Check” button and you will immediately be told if your PPR will be automatically be approved (it normally will be unless other events are happening).

If you haven’t used the system before then you will be asked for your email address and mobile number (purely for the purposes of the airfield administration – we NEVER sell your data).

Once you have filled out the form you will be asked to enter credit or debit card details. We don’t bill your card until you or the airfield tells us you have landed. You will be sent a link to your booking by email so you can see the details and tell us that you’ve landed – or cancel the request if you need.

You can create an account which makes managing your requests and payment details much easier and faster and if you opt in to our emails then we will send you special offers and discount codes. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny!

For Airfields

Managing PPR requests can be a challenging task on top of everything else that happens on a daily basis at the airfield so is designed to make everyone's lives easier. No more will pilots be frustrated when they can't get through on the phone on a beautiful Sunday morning to ask for PPR and reducing contact points for payments is great in the current climate!

But granting permission for landings is only the start. The system also gives you powerful reporting and analytics so you can know everything about how people are using your airfield. Want to improve your marketing and increase landings - no problem - we have all the tools for that too and we're constantly improving what we can do.

Want to know how this can work for your airfield? Please send us an email to for more information.